This is a delusion that your particular dissertation will be the heart and soul-wrenching creation solely of their author’s time, toil and tenacity. Most people conspired to pull this creator kicking and yelling in direction of his desire. I say thanks to many people for conspiring to achieve this. I am thankful to Paul Reynolds, my professional and colleague, for rendering me advice and advise, and then for obtaining confidence and self-assurance in me. His fortitude in reading through draft once draft of every newspaper, proposition and thought I created up carries on to astonish me. No one really needs to be put through the torture of viewing my early attempts at technological writing, and as a result of Paul, no one I get pleasure from Paul’s very good sense of balance around granting me the liberty to focus on what fired me and reining with my resourceful imagination whenever it acquired the higher quality of me. I appreciate him for definitely becoming wanting to fulfill me when ever I barged into his business office.

I am grateful to my committee associates with regard to their feedback and strategies. I actually have benefitted significantly of their recommendations. I thank Worthy Martin and James French for lending a considerate ear canal and having my toils in perception. It has been a gratification handling my peers, specifically, Anh Nguyen-Tuong, Rashmi Srinivasa, Sudhir Srinivasan and Glenn Wasson. Numerous strategies in doing my perform was created in conversations with each other. I am just sincerely happy directly to them for paying energy and time speaking about tips with me and tolerating my several opinionated digressions. Gabriel Ferrer, John Karro, Allison Powell and Rashmi Srinivasa are worthy of credit rating for perusing sections of my deliver the results. Their incisive responses made me re-think that the way i supplied my suggestions. Any errors that remain in this speech are attributable to my neglect or stubbornness.

I appreciate the Safety Modeling and Simulator Office, US Army SIMTECH and Janet Morrow for creating it entirely possible that me to try and do my exploration. This dissertation will not have been conceivable without any Rashmi Srinivasa, my wife and buddy. Her help support and support has watched me by way of tumultuous instances. I thank her for together brandishing a sword to quell the demons of my insecurities, a table spoon to bake yummy sweets along with wand to deliver delight to my well being in a wide variety methods.

I say thanks to my mother and father, Subramanian and Shanta Natrajan, and sibling, Arvind Natrajan, with their unflagging opinion that in spite of their incomprehension with what I really do, I have to be conserving everybody. I am just indebted to my fathers and mothers for inculcating in me the enthusiasm and field to complete whatever I take on efficiently. I cannot appreciate my brother a sufficient amount of for demonstrating me what exactly it is to become a completely free mindset.

I have got been blessed to receive a large number of family and friends who cherish me even with my eccentricities. I danger engaging in them a disservice by not mentioning every one of them here, but plead paucity of living space. I appreciate Glenn Wasson for goading me by excess weight-raising, imploring me to spike the volleyball, instruction me about baseball and as a kitchen sink for my bile in our java klatsches. I say thanks to Anh Nguyen-Tuong for allowing me ramble about development different languages at two to three early in the day, putting me at my area at racquetball and to be a associate if you ask me throughout my beginning at UVa. I give thanks to Suresh Balasubramaniam, Karine Boulle, Aaron Cass, John Williams, Gopal Kumar, Sally McKee, Venkataraman Pallassana, John Regehr, Prakash Vachaspati, Ravichandran Vancheeswaran, Murtuza Vasowalla, Aruna Viswadoss, Soumya Viswanathan, Chenxi Wang and Jennifer Wong for quite a few happy times. Last but not least, I am grateful for the lots of diversions I actually have appreciated during the course of my sojourn listed here. Without one, spanning onto the realms of insanity might have been solely within easy reach. My numerous hobbies, my books, my food preparation, and beautiful, gorgeous Charlottesville have connived making sure that the direction to my intention had not been as bumpy as it may are.